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Go to Skribe and Dj 2way are Level 7 – Level 7

Skribe and Dj 2way are Level 7 – Level 7

This is a compilation of the early works of Level 7. It has defined the style of the collaboration off SkribeDaGod and Dj 2way both on and off the stage. Hardcopys available at Record Archive Rochester, Ny

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SkribeDaGod Steak 4 Babies

This is a mixtape of choice SkribeDaGod Joints. Hosted by the one and only Tim Tones in true mixtape form. This is the best introduction to SkribeDaGods extensive catalogue. This is as of now an online only release. Enjoy

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Skribedagod Me & My Unkle

Me & My Unkle is a project that manifested from an SMD Beat Tape. Inspired and narrated by clips of Bob Marley. The title is a play on the fact that Bob Marley is like an Uncle figure to all of us and the title of the Grateful Dead song. Hardcopys available at Record Archive Rochester, Ny



About The Level 7 Experience

Rochester New York Hip Hop Music

Level 7 started off with Two Cosmic Brothers(SkribeDaGod & Dj 2way) Meeting and Building on Hip Hop and Spirituality at a Hip Hop Gathering that had all of the elements of Hip Hop represented. A recording session was arranged. Beats, Rhymes and a communion with the most high spawned several music releases culminating as a stage/studio duo akin to Gangstar. Two Turntables and a Microphone, along with these beings acting as channels for a higher conscious connection and awareness, has built what is known as Level 7. Which represents a meditation that is performed on stage in order to share vibrations of Love and healing with all in attendance. It's important for us to represent a time honored tradition of knowledge in Hip Hop. We represent all of this with raw beats and rhymes and movement of the crowd. We do this for the culture. We recently joined forces with friends and associates to create a band which is known as the Level 7 Experience. It was important to level up the conjure. It creates more movement and is an ever changing entity. The bands line up consist of Aaron Hughes on Drums, Ekwem(BeetJuice) on Keys, Dexter Redic on Bass, SkribeDaGod Vocals/Percussion and Dj 2way on Turntables and Science. Together we spread the love/healing vibrations through our craft. We play fusion that transverses realms of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Reggae and Psychedelia on a wave of our signature Hip Hop Groove. With all these elements we offer a truly unique experience. We rock a party in a holistic way. Be on the look out for upcoming events.

meet the band

The Level 7 Experience - Rochester, New York


Lyricist, Emcee, Percussion and Songwriter
Skribe Da God AKA Tehuti Tafari has been doing this from ever since. Best known as a contributing member of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. He is a prominent voice and figure and one of the best Emcee’s in Rochester, NY Period. Not many can move a crowd like the GOD. Together with Dj 2way he has built Level 7 to what it is today.


Turntables, Science and Composition
Dj 2way has propagated real Hip Hop and provided beats and recorded tracks with Emcees for well over a decade. Dj 2way is known for his 90’s style Hip Hop beats, Holding it down behind the turntables, boards and being part of all things dope. Don’t sleep on Senor Dose.


Keys and Key Bass
Ekwem has lent his skills to many bands in Upstate NY. Mosaic Foundation and Easy Star All Stars are just a couple of the dope bands he has been a part of. He has also played at home and abroad as Beet Ju1c3. He harnesses his infinite swagger to provide cosmic stylings and provides the richest and most buttery tones imaginable. It’s Soothing, Smooth and Funky at the same time. Catch’em on the keys holding it down like a true G with The EXP.

Aaron Hughes

Drums and Composition
Aaron Hughes is a world-class drum set player and composer. He has performed with many critically acclaimed musicians such as; Brian Lynch (2007 Latin Grammy Award Winner), Tony Malaby, Memo Acevado, Kenny Werner, John Scofield, Billy Drews, The Village Vanguard Orchestra, Joe Lavano, Ralph Lallama, Lenny Pinckett,George Garzone, PeeWee Ellis, and Ron Mclure . He is also known for being a mean Bag Pipe player.


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